Shiitake Mushroom Logs
What is a Shiitake Mushroom Log?


  • An all-natural, organic, ready-to-fruit hardwood log inoculated with high quality shiitake spawn
  • Grows fresh shiitake mushrooms every 2 months for 3-4 years.
  • Usually produces about 1/4 to 1/3 pound of mushrooms at first and yields increasingly larger crops as the log matures
  • Grows indoors in living areas and/or outside in shade
  • Requires soaking in non-chlorinated water for every 2 weeks; soaking  in ice water for 24 hours triggers the mushrooms
  • Includes the log, an attractive soaking tray, clear and easy instructions, and delicious recipes
  • Full replacement/refund guarantee
  • A shiitake mushroom log averages 4 inches in diameter and is available in two sizes. Soak it in cold water for 24 hours and in 6-8 days*, you'll have fresh, clean, delicious shiitake mushrooms.

     *Shipping can disrupt the mycelium and some logs may have to rest for 30 days before fruiting.

    Try the following recipes!