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Shiitake mushroom logs make the most fantastic gifts for the food lovers on your list---or for yourself!  If you've never tasted a fresh shiitake mushroom, you won't believe the difference...succulent, flavorful...and definitely NOT

Growing them yourself is so easy, even children can do it..and do they ever love it!

Simply soak the log in cold water in its accompanying tray, drain, and give it a few days.  In no time, you'll be sprouting mushrooms...and shortly thereafter, you'll be harvesting them to add to your favorite meals.  Plus, the log will continue to sprout mushrooms every 2 months for 3-4 years.

The logs usually produce about 1/4 to 1/3 pound of mushrooms at first and yields increasingly larger crops as the log matures.

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    Two sizes:

    Shiitake Mushroom Log, Large 19-20 Inch $42.95

    Shiitake Mushroom Log, Small  13-14 Inch $37.95

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